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Global Processor & distribution
Green Granite and Marble Ltd is the leading producer of high quality granite and marble in Bangladesh.
We create the most exquisite projects
Our granite and marble is of the highest quality and grade, matched with our passion and experience we deliver the best solutions.
Over 200,000 Sqm of Floor space
We have large and very advanced production facilities in Bangladesh to undertake all major projects.
Our sister concerns compliment all aspects
Our Sister Concerns/Subsidiaries allow us to complete large scale projects from raw stone to end completion. Discover how we can help you with your bespoke project.

Green Granite & Marble Ltd

Green Granite and Marble Ltd is one company and one family with roots running deep into production of the finest quality stone. We have gone from strength to strength since 1995 and we continue to expand our business portfolio and excellent reputation for being the number one provider of quality granite and marble in Bangladesh. You can trust Green Granite and Marble Ltd for all your stone requirements.

Stone Production on a Global Scale

Our company provides complete stone related products and services on a global basis. Just browse our site to discover more.

Consultancy Services

Our division of a3 Studio provides excellent consultancy services related to all types of construction projects. Discover more.

Wide range of stone products

We produce a wide range of stone for all types of projects. Our popular ones are listed on this website. For further information please contact us.

A Journey into Green Granite & Marble

The video gives a an insight into Green Granite & Marble and its subsidiaries.

Green Granite & Marble

Continuously Develop & Innovate

Green Granite & Marble Ltd is made up of it’s subsidiary companies whom each play an important role in providing a complete solution to meet our customer expectations fully and beyond. We always look at new ways of creating bespoke offerings through our highly experienced research and development teams.

Market leaders in the production & supply of stone

Green Granite and Marble Ltd have some of the best machinery and skilled workforce to create some of the best quality stone. We have the ability to create bespoke project requirements and have already done this for many high end customers and government agencies.


"We have worked for commercial, residential and special government projects in Bangladesh. Green Granite & Marble Ltd has been the ‘go-to company’ for the state’s high-end projects."

Our Work

Just a sample of our work

For further information of other projects we have worked on please contact us at Green Granite & Marble Ltd.